Saturday, April 30, 2016

Date Change for the Powder River Gravel Grinder

FFR Powder River Gravel Grinder Race #2
Powder River, Wyoming
May 7, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

30 & 50 mile out and back or a 70 mile lollipop loop option. All rides will start in Powder River, 27 miles west of Casper from the airport on 20/26. The further you ride, the more you amazed you will be with this beautiful country we have in Wyoming.

From Powder River, all racers will head north on Natrona County 106. 3.5 miles - you will cross the south fork of the Powder River. 6.2 miles - take the right fork in road (Do Not take 107). 8.8 miles - take the left fork in road and continue on Natrona County 106. 10.1 miles - continue straight. 13.5 miles - take the left fork in road (do NOT go right, this is a private road). 15.1 miles - This is the turn around for the 30 mile course (30 mile riders, ride thesame route you just rode back to Powder River). 50 & 70 mile riders turn left on Natrona County 108 (Baker Cabin Rd). 20 miles - continue straight. 20.5 miles - continue straight. 23.7 miles - Arminto (Buffalo Creek Rd.) - This is the turn around for the 50 mile course (50 mile riders, ride the same route you just rode back to Powder River. 70 mile riders turn right on Buffalo Creek Rd (paved road). 24.6 miles - pavement ends, continue straight on Natrona County 105. 37.7 miles - turn right on Natrona County 108 (Baker Cabin Road), Road starts to get rough. 39 miles - Caution, cow land mines start! 42.3 miles - ranch house, take the left fork in road. 45.5 miles - road starts to improve. 47.9 miles - continue straight. 52.2 miles - turn left on Natrona County 106 and follow it back to Powder River.

Be sure to stay on county roads while crossing private land.

All riders are responsible for knowing the course they will be riding because nothing will be marked. We will have GPX files posted soon for you to add to your GPS and print out this cue sheet too. We are planning on having an aid station with water and food in Arminto (mile 23.7) for the 50/70 mile riders.

More info coming soon on parking and other details regarding the race.

70 Mile Course (Closer to 3,500' of elevation gain)

50 Mile Course (Closer to 1,600' of elevation gain)

30 Mile Course (Closer to 1,200' of elevation gain)

The 30 and 50 mile course is fairly flat with no big hills. The 70 has more elevation and some rougher roads for about 15 miles.

Still working on parking, will let you know soon.

Registration is OPEN

for the 2016 Mountain Bike Series!

Please register BEFORE the first race at Squaw Creek.
Hit the WEBSCORER link to the right >>>> and get registered!

Powder River Gravel Grinder

With this weather and the forecast not looking so good we decided to move the FFR Powder River Gravel Grinder to May 7th. Hope the weather improves and things start to dry out next week. Please tell all your friends to come join us then.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#askafish - Do I wear underwear with my cycling shorts?

In short, NOPE. Here is why. The material and fit of cycling shorts is designed to be a “next-to-skin” layer. If you put a pair of under-britches on before you slip into your hot cycling get-up, you’re creating a friction barrier between your skin and the shorts. Friction creates heat, and those two things are the last thing you want to be feeling while on a bike ride, leave those two feelings for later.
Now that you have gone on a few commando spandex rides, you might be asking, do I use...LUBE? AAAHHHHHH!!!!! While it is an awkward converstion, it needs to be talked about. People lather their nether regions with a host of different chemicals and solutions in order to circumvent the unwanted knotting of personal body hair (yes that happens), blistering, hot spots, etc. So, go back to your friendly salesperson at the shop that sold you the shorts and get some “shammy butt’r” or something of the like. Some people use higher end lubes for longer rides because it’s won’t dissolve as quickly when you start sweating (don’t act like you don’t!). While more expensive, products like Assos and Dznuts stay with you longer on the endurance rides that we all love.
Now you’re in your bedroom staring at spandex and a bottle of cream for your butt crack, this isn’t what you had in mind when you thought you’d get into shape by riding a bike is it.  Anyway, don’t worry it is  the norm. 99% of the people you see riding a bike at any given race, ride, etc. scooped up a handful of whatever cream they choose and lathered up their butts (and other places) with it before giving you a high five at the starting line.
A few tips on lathering: Anywhere you feel friction is a good place for it, some people put it between their toes, armpits, nipples, (Body Glide is good for this) and make sure you get any areas the bike’s seat may contact, yes I mean that. On longer rides some people will massage the cream into the shammy (the padded area of your shorts) so it’s saturated and will last for longer rides. Extreme users will even do this the night before a ride!
Using spandex and lathering yourself before a ride is a cricial part of enjoying this wonderful sport, it’s not the most glamorous, but it’s one of the most valuable things you can do to make the ride a success. Nobody likes a blister, especially when it’s a place you don’t want to have your spouse unless it's after a nice candle lit dinner!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Registration for the 2016 Mountain Bike Summer Series is NOW OPEN! The link will take you to webscorer for registration. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY and be ready to go for the first race at Squaw Creek. See You There!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 Spooky Cross is here!!!

Come Join Us!! On Oct. 31 is our fun for all ages annual Spooky Cross race. Come dressed in your best costume and check out how much fun Nancy English Park can be on a bike. Maybe you are a bigger Halloween fan than a bike fan. Maybe it's the other way around. Either way doesn't matter. Come have some fun. We will race no matter the weather. Races start at noon and carry on through the afternoon. See the picture for details, and please, please, please pre-register!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Here are the race results from the Muddy Mountain Hypersonic!  Great job everybody!

We all had a blast!  Thanks Olive Garden and the BLM for your help and sponsorship!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Helpful hints #1

How many of you are ready for the next Muddy Mountain Race? Have you ridden there before? Do you know where it's at and how to get there? All good questions! the Fat Fish Crew is ready to host another race there this year. Last year we were blessed with so much snow and water that we couldn't hold a race there due to downed trees and wet conditions. This year is shaking out a little better and so far it's dry in 96% of the places and the downed trees have been cleaned up. Stay tuned for more specifics about race day as there may be a few changes pertaining to parking and such.

     Muddy mountain is best accessed via Casper Mountain Road. if you go up and over Casper Mountain the road will turn to gravel. Go down the backside of Casper mountain and up Muddy. Just stay straight and you will get there. Please drive carefully going up and down as the road can be washboarded. A car is capable of making it and 4wd is not necessary. Hopefully no accidents and just teeth rattled out of our skulls:)  It's about a 30-45 minute drive from Casper and for that reason we hope to give you some registration hints to streamline things, not only for this race but all races as well.

     Waivers: If you preregistered online through webscorer, You signed a waiver! If you have raced with us this year- You should have already signed a waiver. If you haven't please fill one out at Muddy Mtn. Our waivers are good for the whole year, and once you fill one there is no need to do it again.

Check-in:  If you have raced this year or pre-registered on webscorer and already received your bib number, we just need to know that you are here to race. Please have your bib number memorized and tell us at the check in line. If you pre-registered but have not raced yet we can get you your bib number and get you going fairly quick. Please check in with us first and then go get your bikes ready for the race as a lot of bikes in that area gets pretty cluttered pretty quick. Once checked in you are free to get ready and pre ride the course.

Bib Numbers: Please attach them to your bikes where our timers can see them. The best way is on the outside of the brake and shifter cables, and the bibs can be attached to said cables. Some people are attaching them to their handlebars and the bib numbers are rolling upward and aren't the most visible as you come across the finish line.

     These are a few tips that you can use to make your check in process less painful for you and more streamlined for us as well. Thanks for your participation, cooperation and patience. Thanks for sharing this with all of your friends. It's been fun each race to see so many new faces.

Keep the rubber side down!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Casper Mountain Classic

We are halfway through the season which is unbelievable. It's been a short spring and the temps and weather have jumped right in to summer. For that reason we are excited to be on the mountain. Tomorrow night at 6:30 will be our next race. Start by parking at the lodge if it's open. Parking overflow will be down at skunk hollow parking lot and beartrap if needed. Bathrooms will be at Skunk Hollow as well. If you have raced with us this year you don't need to fill out a waiver or do anything besides check in with us and let us know you are here and going to race. Please have your bib # memorized or available to show us and we will promptly get you checked in. If you are new to racing with us, welcome! this race will cost $5 and we promise it will be a good time. Please fill out a waiver for us and get your bib number. You should be ready to go after that.
      This race start will be on Strube loop and will turn left onto the Beartrap Loop. This course will be much like the classic Casper Mountain loop  you've raced in the past. (Look in the Blog/Facebook archives for past maps) Although the exact course is yet to be determined it will be something similar with 5-10-15 mile distance for each of the categories respectively.(10 miles for both comp and sport). Food will be provided by Subway for racers of the event and we will have all the great swag to raffle off from the local bike shops as well. So bring the bug spray the camp chairs and stay and hang out a while afterwards. See you tomorrow.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Mountain Bike Racers! - prepare yourself for the Casper Mountain Short Track race night!  Monday evening June 15, 2015 at ‘TheMAZE’ Nordic ski area on Casper Mountain.  Each race will be 20 minutes in length, the course is short, 0.55 miles, the terrain changes FAST and does not favor any particular skill set.  This course is PRIME for spectators,  so invite your friends and family to come cheer you ON!

Each category will race in turn: Recreational, Sport, Competitive, Expert .
The registration/check-in will close at 6:00. Kids race at 6:10.  Recreational riders be ready to go at 6:30. 

Course description:
START fast by the Nordic timing shed headed North, slightly down hill and wide.  Don’t get too comfortable though, the course gradually tapers down as it slithers along and makes a sweeping right just before you have to hit the brakes (or not) and make a 180 left onto the single track!  From there it is a gradual ascent on the twisty trail through the trees. Pop out of the single track at a hard left up a soft wide trail for a stretch then another left past the bleachers and the START/FINISH line. Keep going until the LAP Gate closes.

Each time you pass the START/FINISH will be 1 lap.  After 20 minutes, the LAP GATE will close and the FINISH GATE will open.  So, if you are on the course when that GATE closes, you are on your last lap.  Most laps, shortest time wins.

The FINISH GATE will be funnel shaped so the timers have a good view of the order. Please slow down as soon as you pass through the FINISH GATE.  The FINISH area is always a congested place so we appreciate a controlled departure from the course.

Have fun. Ride Safe.

Post race cuisine provided by The Cottage. 
Race participants only please.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bessemer Mtn. Hill Climb

Bessemer Mtn. Hill Climb:
June 1, 2015
Directions and Parking:
Take highway 220 towards Alcova for 6 miles from Robertson Road, turn on Bessemer Bend Road, take the road down across the river. Go past the BLM interpretive site and there will be a green gate with two orange cones, turn in there to park. Please "NO" parking in the interpretive site, fishing access or along the County Road.
Registration and Check in:
Registration will be from 4:45-6:15pm, kids race starts at 6:15 and the big kids take off at 6:30.
If you are pre-registered pick the line for pre-registration (check in). Please remember your number to help the check in process go quicker. If you have not registered for the series please pick the line for new registrations. After you have registered please keep registration area clear for others who still need to check in.
We will be crossing private property and we have special permission for this race. Ride only on race day, please no riding this course any other time. Keep trash picked up and in your pockets. Also please help support our awesome sponsors who supports Fat Fish to put on this great race series.
Thank you Qdoba for providing food for the race!
Remember your sunscreen, water and bug spray. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Squaw Creek Details

So this is pretty late. Usually we are able to give a little bit more notice and rundown of what's going on sooner than this. Our apologies!!!   We are stoked that the time has come that we can now race our bikes. So..... Here ya go!

Where: Do not take Squaw Creek Road!! If you are heading west bound from Casper on Hwy 220( CY Avenue) take a left on Coates Rd. and head towards the mountain just after the National Guard Armory. If you go past Robertson Road you've gone too far. Stay on said road for approximately 1.6 miles you will cross a cattle guard with the road making a sharp right hand turn. Directly to the left will be the parking. Please be courteous as you travel and park. We are inundating a road and neighborhood that is used to relatively little traffic.

Look for the Fat Fish Trailer to Check in or register if you haven't done so already. 

the time frame will be as follows:

Registration from 5-6:15PM
Kids Race at 6:15
Pre Race Meeting near the Parking Area at 6:25
Race will start at 6:30PM

The race will go backwards this year from years past, and we will race in a clockwise direction. We will try to have maps printed out at the race so you can be prepared at least a little bit mentally for where you need to go. With all of the recent rain, the creeks are running high. Bring warm, dry clothes, a towel and maybe even a snorkel. Please be courteous as all categories will be on the trail at the same times. The best thing you can do is be vocal, polite, and sometimes most of all patient. 

Afterwards stick around for some raffle prizes, awards, and food from Stuft Gourmet Potatoes! They are awesome and we appreciate their generosity to have some good food for us. Please go check them out in the triangle plaza behind the mall and tell them the Fat Fish sent you. We look forward to seeing you out there and hope you have a great time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


So we are only a couple weeks away from the first race and things are moving quick. Please register as early as possible! This will help us tremendously as we try to streamline things on our end to make your FFR experience the best possible. There are a couple more things you can do for us smile emoticon On Sat. the 16th Mountain Sports will have a table setup where we can give you your bib numbers from 9AM to noon. This will save you from having to do this on race day as we anticipate about 100 racers all wanting the same things. Lastly, please be orderly and patient. It's our first of the year as well and we may be a little rusty, Just like riding a bike though. smile emoticon We will have great prizes from our fine sponsors and Ragged Edge Sports, @Crazy Peddaler, and Gear Up will all have prizes and be able to help put the finishing tune ups on your race steeds. Follow the link below to register:
Don't forget the Make-a-Wish Foundations Kids Bike tune Up day at Kelly Walsh at 5:30!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Well, Well, Well, wouldn't ya know it. We've had a fantastic end to winter and a great start to spring(almost too nice). Glendo seems to have dried a little quicker than usual, Squaw Creek is riding great, and Crossroads and Mike Sedar are so close to town they ought to be getting hit by the mountain bikers pretty good as well.  what does all of this mean?  Means it's time to start thinking about the 2015 Summer race series! There will be some changes this year and we are looking forward to what we think will be a positive difference in your race experiences with the Fat Fish. to learn all about it see the post just before this one. Really that's the only change. All of the fun, prizes, laughs and grins will remain the same. If you'll notice on the upper right is your direct link to register for the series. Registration will close the day of the first race. However if you register in the month of April you will be able to sign up for discounted t-shirts again. You can register at the races but it's so much easier for us come race day if you can register on-line ahead of time. Same pricing structure as last year: $20 gets you entrance to the 7 summer series and 3 cross events come fall.  We are stoked for all things MTB going on in Casper this summer and are excited to share it with all of you. If you have any trouble with the registration process or any questions feel free to email or hit us up on Facebook and ask away. We'd be happy to help all we can. Thanks and go get registered! :)

PS:  Go tell all of your friends!

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Race Season!!

Racing season is just around the corner and Fat Fish Racing has another exciting year planned for cycling in Casper!!  There are many cycling events being planned in Casper this year and not just by the Fish.  We are excited to help out where we can with other races and gladly show our support by showing up on race day to compete.  We hope you are too!  

Lets start with the 7 race Monday night race series.  Much of the series will be the same as years past but there will be a few changes.  
-CATEGORY CHANGES: name change and addition of another group..... I always get asked, "what category should I race in?".  By changing the names this year, we hope to make that as simple transition as possible.  
the recreational category is for beginner level mountain bikers or for those who enjoy a more leasure pace without rubbing elbows with other racers.  Anyone can ride this category, but if you are in it to win it, we suggest moving up a category.  The ride/race distance will vary between 3-6 miles and the time we hope to have riders finish in is about 30 minutes.  
the sport category is a more advanced category with longer distances.  The racers in the sport category are only slightly competitive and enjoy having a fun time on the trails without making their lungs bleed.  Distances will vary between 6-10 miles and we are hoping that racers finish within 50-80 minutes
The competitive category is for the advanced racer that is just not quite ready for the longer distance of the expert category.  The distance of the competitive race will be the same as the Sport race, but the racers themselves are a little more cutthroat than the Sportsters.  Racers in this category are competitive and want to ride fast with the skills and fitness they have worked hard for.  Distances and course will be the same as the Sport category between 6-10 miles, but finishing times should be faster... around that 40-60 minute range.
The expert category is for the most advanced racers.  The distance and the competition level is tough.  Sometimes there may be different sections of the course that are more advanced and technical than the others.  Course distances will range from 10-15 miles (Except for the 6 mile hill climb race and the short track race).  Finishing times should take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  

-We are so thankful for our new and renewing sponsors who help make this series possible, but to ensure the long life of Fat Fish and the series, we will again be charging $20 for the ENTIRE YEAR of racing.   That $20 bill gets you into gravel rides, mountain bike races/rides, and three cyclocross races.  If you were to make it to every event we hosted, you're looking at about 75cents per ride.  Try to find anything like this anywhere else in the WORLD!!  You won't.  We are proud of that!
-The mountain bike series will have the same vibe as years past.  Fun and family friendly.  As always, we will constantly be trying to improve our timing skills and working toward providing the racers with the best quality results we can.  Keep in mind, nobody is a professional here :) 
-A huge thank you to QDOBA and JC BURGER for donating food to a few of our races this year!!  
-We are working on finding food trucks to offer food for sale at the other events this year instead of offering and serving free food.  

-Race dates are as follows
-May 18 Squaw Creek
-June 1 Bessemer Mountain Hill Climb
-June 15 Casper Mountain Short Track
-June 29 Casper Mountain
-July 13 Muddy Mountain
-July 27 Mosteller's Crossing
-August 10 Lamberson's Loop

All of the races will have registration open from 5-6:15 and the races start at exactly 6:30pm each night.  Kids races will be announced a week prior to the event.  
If you do not plan on racing the whole series, individual races will cost you 5 dollars.

Additional events in 2015 that Fat Fish either is hosting or supporting:
April TBD will be two gravel grinders 30-75 mile options (BUILD YOUR BASE!!)
May 5,12,19 are bike maintenance nights hosted by Make-A-Wish Foundation and local bike shops.  
May 9th- Rattlesnake Rally Gravel Grinder (60 or 120 miles)
June 7th- Casper Marathon (bikers needed for aid and support)
June 13th- Glendo Trails Fest!
June 18/19- Wyoming Trails Summit in Casper
June 20th-Make A Wish Foundation 5k run/bike ride in downtown Casper
August 22nd- American Mountain Bike Challenge (USA Cycling sanctioned race) Casper Mountain.  This is an incredible opportunity to race with pro and amateur athletes from around the nation.  Also Riverfest weekend.
Sept?, Oct?, Nov? Cyclocross races with the WY State Championships finishing off the year. 

Happy Trails!
Fat Fish Racing