Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fat Fish #5 – Dry Creek Clash

Have I ever lied to you? In a nefarious manner I mean. So bear with me on this one. It’s all true.

Chicago had Al Capone, Atlantic City had Nucky Thompson, New York had Arnold Rothstein, Wyoming had Bob. Bob, the world’s worst bootlegger. Other bootleggers hid their wares inside of trucks and boats. Bob and his three legged pig thought it terribly clever to float their hootch inside duck decoys. On Dry Creek. Not only were they already downstream of the speakeasys, they were also on, hello, Dry Creek. How do you float a fifth of bathtub gin upstream in a dry creek bed? To further complicate things, they were clashing with some near sighted duck hunters that were were constantly shooting the day lights out of the decoys. Bob thought it was Elliot Ness and the G Men but it was really just Bubba and the Griswold twins blowing the crap out of his whiskey laden birds. Which brings me to my point, this Monday is Fat Fish Racing’s Dry Creek Clash!

This also brings me to my other point, a lot of riders don’t know where Dry Creek is but most of the Fat Fish Race Crew are direct descendants of Bob. They know where it is. Bob’s great great nephew Bryce Straka shared the following info:

The Dry Creek Clash mountain bike race will highlight some of the flagship trails of the Casper Mountain Nordic center.  The Dry Creek Clash will start and finish inside the maze at the Nordic stadium.  We will be keeping the course short, sweet and hopefully simple for everyone.  We want all riders to finish in about an hour so they can participate (or at least root for your buddies) in the fourth annual Fat Fish Foot Down Competition.  There will be extra incentive for all racers to participate in the Foot Down competition.  

Lastly, for those racers looking to get a little more out of the evening than the traditional XC race we have put together a special stage on each class’ loop where the fastest man and woman rider in that section of trail will receive a sweet prize.  What exactly does this mean?  For example, you can casually ride the race course with your buddies and when you get to the special stage ride as hard as you like.  Regroup and continue the ride/race with your friends.  After the race, compare stage times with your friends.  Because timing something like this poses its own logistical and technical challenges we ask that all riders who want to be eligible for the prize must use Strava and ride details must be posted 5 minutes before the awards.  No waiting until you get home to upload your Garmin ride to Strava.  Details of the “special stages” will be posted later this week.   

Additional thoughts; Mosquitoes and horse flies can be very bothersome this time of year, bring your bug spray.  Snakes have been seen in the area so please do not wander off the trails. Plus descendents of Bubba and the Griswolds still inhabit the area.

Course Description and Information
The Dry Creek Clash race will utilize the flagship trails in the Casper Mountain Nordic Center, Eadsville and Copper.  

Approximate loop lengths:  
Recreation = 3 miles
Sport and Competitive = 4 miles
Expert = 6 miles

All racers will do two laps!

How to Get There
The Dry Creek Clash race pits are a 20 minute drive from downtown Casper.  
lat 42°44'17.2"N long 106°19'05.5"W (aka the Nordic Lodge where the Short Track Race happened, silly engineers anyway)

Parking is limited so please carpool if possible. NO PARKING on the ROAD!

What to Do When You Get There
The registration will be in the nordic stadium, look for the Fat Fish Trailer.  Checking in with the race director is a MUST.  Even if you registered online!!  This helps us with timing.  After you check in, then get on your bike and warm up.  Every 10 minutes you'll hear an update from the race director.
  • 4:30pm:  Registration opens and course(s) available to pre-ride
  • 6:15pm:  Kids Race (no wagering)
  • 6:25pm:  Race announcements and START of races
  • 7:00pm:  FREE Food from Olive Garden will be served
  • 7:40pm:  Third annual Fat Fish Foot Down competition
  • 8:00pm:  Awards

Special Notes
  • All racers under 18 must have their parent sign a waiver, NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • Free food provided by Olive Garden!!!
  • Be show respect to the land and other trail users.
  • Be kind to your competition, have FUN.
  • Everyone must wear a helmet.
  • Watch for vehicles while riding on the road and in the pits

    Please take time to thank our sponsors! If it wasn’t for them, you all would be winning stuff that we just find lying around on the trail. I’ve got a nifty pinecone for some lucky racer.


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