Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Go Climb a Hill!


The Bessemer Hill Climb has been one of people's favorites. This Fat Fish Challenge can really be painful if you are racing your guts out. It also is worth every bit of sweat and tears(hopefully no blood). Climbing a mountain not quite your thing….We will have a separate climb for those in the Recreational Category, and no matter where you fall it’s a blast coming back down.

The Bessemer Bend Hill Climb directions:

-Head west out of town on hwy 220 towards alcova.
-Turn Right on Bessemer Bend (also county road 308).
Stay on pavement and about 2 miles later you'll reach the river. Hang a right. From this point on please follow the black and orange parking signs. 

*Parking is limited. Carpool!
*It takes about 15 minutes to get there from the west side walmart.
The race will start as close to 6:30 as possible. We appreciate everyones patience as we work through the logistics of late registrants and timing check in. It's new to us as well as you. Please help us by doing the following:

Each of your number plates has an RFID chip on the back inside a foam sticker. As you were instructed when you got your number plate,  you should be taking it off your bike after each race. This is to protect the RFID chip. Please check in with that number plate and no bike as you approach the timing check in area. After you’ve checked in you will have plenty of time to get it back on the bike because you're awesome and showed up early and are a well prepared racer! 

For those who did not pre-register, and you were at the last race, you most likely have not signed a waiver. Please find the table with the waivers and fill one out as we have to have these for you to race. If you pre-registered online with webscorer, then you have signed and accepted that waiver electronically and do not need to fill one out. 

If you have ordered a t-shirt, we have them and they will also be at a separate table for you to pick up before the race. Again, get there early. 

Fat Fish has acquired permission to cross the public land at the bottom of the mountain. Please remember to be courteous to traffic, neighbors, ranchers, etc. by giving a friendly wave and not taking up too much roadway as we make our way to the starting line. As such this will be the only time you’ll be able to ride to the top of Bessemer Mountain. 

The top of Bessemer sits just over 1000’ higher in elevation than the start. The course is right at about 6 miles long with the first 4 being gradual uphill before the going gets tough. Expect some rocky loose two track most of the way up and down. Our race ends at the top and we hope to have everyone make it back safely. Please take as much time as you need to make that happen and also have fun. It’s your reward for all that climbing!!

Comfort tip: Bring bug spray. The mosquitos have been terrible lately. 

Fun Tip: Stick around we have awesome prizes to give away at the end of each race.

Recovery Tip: Look for the food truck. Bring a few bucks and get some food in you. You’ve burned lots of calories getting up that mountain.

Race Tip: Have fun and go read the blog to learn all about racing with us. Especially the passing part.

Family Tip: We will have a kids race. Family is welcome to bring cow bells and cheer, fishing poles, cameras and whatever else they would like to entertain themselves.

Sponsor tip: Go see them. They have sacrificed to make FFR what it is. Please support their businesses.

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