Team Members

The Individuals Of Fat Fish Racing

Mike Belser
Race Bikes: Ibis Tranny SS, Redline Monocog 29er SS, Turner

 Ashley Bowman
Bikes: Giant Anthem X 29 & Specialize Roubaix
Favorite place to ride: Curt Gowdy and Glendo State Park
Favorite Race: 24 Hours of Rapelje, Laramie Enduro and Bessemer Hill Climb
2014 Goal: Ride 100 glorious mile per month

 Matt Bowman
Bikes: Giant XTC Composite and Specialized Stumpjumper FSR EVO Expert 29
Favorite place to ride: Black Hills
Favorite Race: Fat Fish Series, Dakota Five-0 and the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival
2014 Goal: Have fun riding and enjoy becoming a father!

 Neil Benton
Trek Superfly Pro - Mountain Bike
Trek Cronus CX Pro - Cyclocross Bike
Favorite Place to ride (s) - Bridle Trail, Muddy Mountain in the Fall and the Benton Basher

Lisa Brodine
Mountain Bike: Trek Superly AL Elite HT
Specialized Camber Elite 29er FS
Favorite place to ride: Muddy Mountain, Porcupine Rim, Fruita, and Glendo
Favorite Race: 24 Hours of Rapelje, Casper and Muddy Mountains

Goal: To improve last years racing times, build more trails, get more women
 interested in riding and have a fun 2014 season!

Clint Conner aka Bandito
Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper Expert FSR 29, Salsa Mamasita, and Salsa Mukluk
Favorite place to ride: Fruita/Rabbit Valley and any place warm!
Favorite Race: Dakota 50
2014 goals: Race in a couple races more than 50 miles and 
work on getting more trails and areas to ride in the Casper area

Nathan Cook
Bike: Motobecane Fantom DS
Favorite place to ride: Fruita
Favorite race: : Fat Fish Series Muddy Mountain
Goals for 2014: Help develope and ride new trails in the Casper area

Dawn Custard
Bike: Specialized Mika Sport 29er
Favorite place to ride: Anywhere that I can learn something new.
Favorite Races: Gowdy Grinder, Fat Fish Series of course!
Goals for 2014: To improve my skills and make it to more races out of state.

Jack Custard Jr.

Bike: 2013 Felt Nine CF & 2012 Felt Nine Trail

Favorite place to ride: Muddy Mountain, Casper Mountain, and Happy Jack Area

Favorite Race: Laramie Enduro

Goal for 2014:  Race and finish the Laramie Enduro in under 8:30

Gordon Edwards
Race bikes: MisFit Psycles 29er hardtail (geared) mountain; Lemond Course de Tete Ti road; Surly CrossCheck SS CX / psycho commuter
Favorite places to ride: Casper Mountain, Muddy Mountain, Glendo and Guernsey State Parks
Favorite races: Any Fat Fish Race!, F.A.R.T. and the Laramie Enduro
2014 Goal: Balance and enjoy fatherhood, training, and racing! Transition the seasons with competitive fitness across disciplines and fish more often.

 Ben Emery
Bike: Trek Superfly 29
Favorite place to ride: Crested Butte, CO
Favorite Races: Fat Fish Series, Dakota Five-0, Laramie Enduro and Bearlodge Mountain Classic
2014 Goals: Enjoy riding, be safe, and encourage community
participation in biking and hosting another great Fat Fish Series

Nicole Emery
Race Bike: Jamus full suspension  Training Bikes: Kuota Road Bike, Kona Hard Tail
Favorite place to ride: Casper Mountain Nordic Trails

Colby Frontiero
Race Bike: Gary Fisher Superfly SS
Favorite place to ride: Casper Mountain Single Track

Emil Gerke
Race bike:  Specialized S-Works Epic, Moots Psychlo-X, Moots, Compact Road, Cannondale SuperSix
Favorite place to ride: Glendo State Park, Casper Mountain & Marin County
Favorite Race: Any Cyclo-Cross Race!
2014 Goals: CX Nationals in Austin, TX

Matt Langley
Race bikes: Giant XTC

Leif Johanson
Bikes: Yeti Arc 26er & Specialized E5 S-Works
Favorite Race: Road Apple Rally
Favorite Ride: "Benton Basher" and Snowy Range Mountains
Favorite Food: Heavy Cream
Goals for 2014:  Stay out of the hospital, catch more trout, and keep dirt off my teeth.

 Adam Leiferman
Race Bikes: 2013 Specialized Stumpjumper Marathon 29er hardtail
Training Bikes: Redline Monocog 29er SS, Klein Quantum road bike
Favorite place to ride in 2014:  Epic Gravel Road Rides
Goal for 2013: Help the High School Race Team to grow in numbers and skill!!

Christy Olsen
Bikes:  Specialized S-Works Fate, Specialized Carve SS, and Giant road bike
Favorite place to ride:  Casper and Muddy Mountain
Favorite race: Fat Fish Series, Dakota Five-0, Bearlodge Classic, and the Laramie Enduro
Goal for 2014:  Help, develope and maintain local trails.  Help to introduce and developme more female and youth riders in the Casper area to mountain biking.  Race more in regional XC races and to TRAIN HARDER!

Vance Oracion
Race bikes:  Mountain:  Turner Flux, Road:  Moots Vamoots SL
Favorite race:
The Breckenridge Firecracker 50 (Mountain Bike)
Bob Cook Memorial/Mount Evans Hill Climb (Road Bike)
Favorite places to ride: Casper and Muddy Mountains
Goals for 2014:  Improve my mountain bike handling skills!

Tyler Patik 
Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite, DK Elite ProXXL(BMX) 
Favorite places to ride: Glendo State Park
Favorite races: Fat Fish Series: Muddy Mountain 
Goal for 2014: To have fun riding bikes!

Bryce Straka
Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper FSR EVO 26 & Black Market MOB 
Favorite places to ride: Anywhere with buddies
Favorite races: Gowdy Grinder and most Enduro Races

 Keith Wharton
Bikes: Tomac Flint 29r, Specialized Rockhopper SS, Gravity Liberty CX
Favorite place to ride: Wyoming Backcountry
Favorite Race: Fat Fish Series & Laramie Enduro
2014 Goal: Try a new race & ride/race more.

 Adam Windell
Bikes: Stumpjumper FSR EVO Expert 26, Giant XTC 29, & Black Market MOB
Favorite place to ride: Glendo State Park & Trestle Bike Park
2014 Goal: Have fun and ride!

Chris Reilly
Bikes: Giant Anthem X 29, Specialized Stumpjumper SS 29, Felt Nine Sport, Roundtail Diamente Carbonio
Favorite place to ride: Everywhere I have been and all the places I will go.
2014 Goal: Complete the Laramie Enduro and get into the Dakota Five-0

John Stanart
Bikes: Trek Superfly 100 Elite, Stumjumper FSR EVO Expert (custom), and Trek Rig SS
Favorite place to ride: Glendo STate Park and anyplace with friends
Favorite Race: Bearlodge Mountain Classic and Gowdy Grinder
2014 Goal: Try a new race & ride/race more

 Rafael Garcia
Bikes: Tomah Sixfifty (custom), Trek TRT 6500, Rocky Mountain Element
Favorite place to ride: Casper and Muddy mountains and Crossroads
Favorite Race: All the races I have participated are special, but the
 favorite would be the one I haven't done yet!!
2014 Goal: Pedal stronger and help my daughter with her desires to race more this year.

 Polly BeeBout
Bikes: Specialized Carve 29 & Stumpjumper 26
Favorite place to ride: Casper and Muddy mountains (happy on any trail)
Favorite Race: The Fat Fish Series of Course! and the Bearlodge Classic
2014 Goal: Increaes mileage and compete in longer races.

Fat Fish racers from around the country

Brian Peterson from Casper, WY
    Brian supports the series with volunteer work, photo taking, supporting racers, and always cheering the team on.  Thanks Brian for all that you've done to help out the team!!

Kevin Leiferman racing in the Minnesota State Championship Series

Chris Leiferman

Got a picture of you rockin' the Fat Fish Jersey outside of Casper?? Send it to and we will post it here for the whole world to see :)