Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monday! Monday! Monday! Only 5 more days until the first Mountain Bike Race!

May 23rd, 1986, the first Stampede of Squaw Creek took place. Not the way you think, the first Squaw Creek Stampede actually involves a coupon dispute in Bill, Wyoming at the Squaw Creek Grocery & Cowbell Emporium on 21st and Bellview. Mr. Arthur Trumbull (Artie to his friends) claimed the clerk was not honoring his coupon for one dollar off a bag of pork rinds so he reached across the counter and started choking the poor woman. The man in back of him said, “Hey, wait a minute Bub” and tried to help but Mr. Trumbull grabbed him by the neck as well. A fracas ensued. Luckily a stray herd of cattle stampeded through the store and Arthur was trampled. The headline read, “Artie Chokes 2 for a Dollar”. You can’t make this stuff up, stray cattle herds run amok in Bill all the time.

Speaking of stampedes, did you know that this Monday, May 23, Fat Fish’s first race of the 2016 season is taking place? And it’s called the Squaw Creek Stampede? You can’t make that up either. Below are the true facts, the important facts, the facts I didn’t make up.

Squaw Creek Stampede
Registration is open from 4:30-6:15 (This part will be easy if you pre-registered like I begged you to do)

Kids Race starts at 6:10 and will involve a few laps in the parking area so we can all see and cheer them on. After the kids finish, parents are encouraged to take them down to the ranch area to cheer on the adult racers near the finish area and play in the green grass. Squaw Creek does have a lot of fast moving water right now and the abandoned structures will most likely have some loose nails laying around. It would be a lot of fun to play by but could be dangerous as well. Please watch your children and enjoy the area. At least you’ll be out of the wind there.
Fat Fish does not guarantee the absence or abundance of moving air on May 23, 2016.

Sport/Competitive/Expert race starts at 6:30. The course starts with a 2 mile long Prologue, sending you up the long two track climb to break up the racers before the 180* turn onto single-track. The single-track descent is rippin’ fast! Pedal your butt off on this descent to gain seconds on your competitors. Once down to the ranch, you’ll do a 180* right turn and go under the timing truss to begin your lap(s).
Sport: 1 prologue + 1 lap = 4.5 miles
Competitive: 1 prologue + 2 laps = 7miles
Expert: 1 prologue + 2 laps = 7 miles

Recreation course begins and finishes in the same spot and starts after all the other categories finish their prologue lap which should be around 6:45pm. The loop is exactly 1 mile long and there will be 4 laps.

To get to the venue from town, drive west on CY and turn onto Coates Road and head south for 1.2 miles to the parking area. Park tight to the car next to you. Carpool if you can.
Parking and the Kids Race area in green. The areas shaded in pink will make for great parking and allow for more vehicles in the small space.  Please be kind to the parking attendants and listen to their instructions when you arrive on race day. They may move your vehicle someplace different while you’re riding if you’re mean to them.:::FINAL kids and parking.jpg

The food at this race will not be free. We’re sorry for this change. Essence of Life Catering will be serving hamburgers and hot sandwiches, they’re the guys at the Nordic Lodge, they have good food. Expect to pay around 7 bucks for your meal, not sure if artichokes are on the menu or not. Once again, sorry for this change and we hope this doesn’t deter you from joining us.

Below is the view of the overall venue. It includes the prologue lap in blue, the red loop for the Sport/Comp/Expert categories and yellow loop for the Recreational categories. Parking will be inside the kids green loop.:::SQUAW overview.jpg

The RECREATIONAL course is in yellow. :::SQUAW rec final.jpg

Below is a view of the Ranch Area. Notice where the REC category will start next to the telephone pole on the west side of Squaw Creek. AWARDS and hang out area will be down here at the ranch this year to avoid potential wind. Again, Fat Fish does not guarantee the absence or abundance of moving air. We hope this works out and makes it more enjoyable to hang out afterwards. :::SQUAW ranch area.jpg

Please take time to thank our sponsors! If it wasn’t for them, you all would be winning stuff that we just find laying around our houses. Who wants to win a pizza box that’s been living under my couch since Milli Vanilli was in the Top 40? Who is Milli Vanilli anyway?

:::sponsors 2016.jpg

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