Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 Mountain Bike Series Category Review

Registered or thinking about registering but not sure what category you should ride? Let's review categories and help you decide. Ask us through Facebook if you have questions. 


The recreational category is for beginner level mountain bikers or for those who enjoy a more leisurely pace without rubbing elbows with other racers.  Anyone can ride this category, but if you are in it to place or win it, we suggest moving up a category.  The distance will vary between 3-6 miles and the time we hope to have riders finish in is about 30 minutes.


The sport category has  longer distances than Recreational.  The racers in the sport category are only slightly competitive and enjoy having a fun time on the trails without making their lungs bleed.  Distances will vary between 6-10 miles and racers should finish within 50-80 minutes


The competitive category is for the racer with advanced skill and fitness, that is just not quite ready for the longer distance of the expert category.  The course and distance of the competitive race may be the same as the Sport race, but the racers themselves are much more cutthroat than the Sportsters.  Racers in this category are competitive and want to ride fast with the skills and fitness they have worked hard for.  Distances and course will be between 6-10 miles, but finishing times should be faster, around 40-60 minutes.


The expert category is for the most advanced racers with skill and experience. The distance and the competition level is tough.  In some races there will be different sections of the course that are more advanced and technical than the Competitive and Sport categories.  Course distances will range from 10-15 miles (Except for the 6 mile hill climb race and the short track race).  Finishing times should take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  

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