Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Race #3 Casper MT Short Track

2016 Casper Mountain Short Track
Monday June 20!
It’s taken years of planning, costs millions of dollars and already saved thousands of lives. Your children’s children will be talking about it for years to come. World leaders are already extolling the virtues and benefits. It also comes in an interesting shade of mauve. Yes, I’m talking about Ronco’s New and Improved Bass-O-Matic! 
But enough about that, it’s also time for the 2016 Casper Mountain Short Track this Monday, June 20 at 6:30pm! The New and Improved Short Track will not be featuring any of that pesky mud of last year. I gotta say that mud was very inconvenient for those of us with limited showering budgets. But enough about that too.
Parking will be at the Casper Mountain Nordic Center with overflow parking at Skunk Hollow, with even more overflow parking at Beartrap Park, just ride your bikes to the start line from there. DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD. The start line will be at the bleachers behind the Nordic Lodge, just follow other riders that appear to be heading in the same direction, like lemmings, only no cliffs are involved, except maybe Cliff Whitlock but that’s different.
Go to the Registration table WITH YOUR NUMBER ONLY, NO BIKES PLEASE. There will be t-shirts there as well if you didn’t get to pick yours up at the last race. After you have successfully checked in and correctly answered a trigonometry question, put your number back on your bike du jour and head for the start line.
The Kids Race should start around 6:20. Help cheer them on and promote sportsmanship. Besides, you might run into the little guys later in life and that could be in a nursing home and their memories are pretty crisp. You’d like an extra dessert wouldn’t you? Again, no wagering. I still can’t believe some have asked.
The other races should start soon after. The Recreational and Sport classes will enjoy as many laps as you can cram into 30 minutes of a fun, turney, up and down and round about course of 0.9 miles with a 200 foot gain of elevation per lap. That’s gotta be more fun than mowing the lawn on Monday night.
The Competitive and Expert classes will ride for a few more minutes on a course that’s like the other one only it will be approximately 1.5 miles with a 213 foot gain per lap. How does 60 minutes for Expert and 45 for you Competitive hammerheads sound? I feel the love already. It will have part of last year’s course with a chunk of Eadsville thrown in. We had to change up the courses so we can avoid any mud and trail damage. Should conditions change drastically between now and Monday afternoon, the race will be postponed until Wednesday the 22nd. We’ll strive to get word to you as soon as possible should that be necessary. If you don’t hear from a Fat Fish member, the race is on for the regular time, Monday the 20th.
After the race, stop into the Nordic Lodge for some tasty morsels from the Essence of Life. Also post race, awards will be awarded and door prizes will be given away. Bring some extra cash to buy your tickets to Not2Bad, the new bike flick from TGR brought to you by Mountain Sports. Proceeds will go to the Central Wyoming Trails Alliance. The guys that build the trails we all ride, race, hike, snowshoe, ski, fatbike and run on. Yeah, those guys are pretty good guys, let’s help ‘em out.
Please take time to thank our sponsors! If it wasn’t for them, you all would be winning stuff that we just find lying around our houses. Who wants to win a 1992 copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition? Well, that might be cool but I’m not giving that one up.

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