Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Casper Mountain Classic

We are halfway through the season which is unbelievable. It's been a short spring and the temps and weather have jumped right in to summer. For that reason we are excited to be on the mountain. Tomorrow night at 6:30 will be our next race. Start by parking at the lodge if it's open. Parking overflow will be down at skunk hollow parking lot and beartrap if needed. Bathrooms will be at Skunk Hollow as well. If you have raced with us this year you don't need to fill out a waiver or do anything besides check in with us and let us know you are here and going to race. Please have your bib # memorized or available to show us and we will promptly get you checked in. If you are new to racing with us, welcome! this race will cost $5 and we promise it will be a good time. Please fill out a waiver for us and get your bib number. You should be ready to go after that.
      This race start will be on Strube loop and will turn left onto the Beartrap Loop. This course will be much like the classic Casper Mountain loop  you've raced in the past. (Look in the Blog/Facebook archives for past maps) Although the exact course is yet to be determined it will be something similar with 5-10-15 mile distance for each of the categories respectively.(10 miles for both comp and sport). Food will be provided by Subway for racers of the event and we will have all the great swag to raffle off from the local bike shops as well. So bring the bug spray the camp chairs and stay and hang out a while afterwards. See you tomorrow.


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