Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Helpful hints #1

How many of you are ready for the next Muddy Mountain Race? Have you ridden there before? Do you know where it's at and how to get there? All good questions! the Fat Fish Crew is ready to host another race there this year. Last year we were blessed with so much snow and water that we couldn't hold a race there due to downed trees and wet conditions. This year is shaking out a little better and so far it's dry in 96% of the places and the downed trees have been cleaned up. Stay tuned for more specifics about race day as there may be a few changes pertaining to parking and such.

     Muddy mountain is best accessed via Casper Mountain Road. if you go up and over Casper Mountain the road will turn to gravel. Go down the backside of Casper mountain and up Muddy. Just stay straight and you will get there. Please drive carefully going up and down as the road can be washboarded. A car is capable of making it and 4wd is not necessary. Hopefully no accidents and just teeth rattled out of our skulls:)  It's about a 30-45 minute drive from Casper and for that reason we hope to give you some registration hints to streamline things, not only for this race but all races as well.

     Waivers: If you preregistered online through webscorer, You signed a waiver! If you have raced with us this year- You should have already signed a waiver. If you haven't please fill one out at Muddy Mtn. Our waivers are good for the whole year, and once you fill one there is no need to do it again.

Check-in:  If you have raced this year or pre-registered on webscorer and already received your bib number, we just need to know that you are here to race. Please have your bib number memorized and tell us at the check in line. If you pre-registered but have not raced yet we can get you your bib number and get you going fairly quick. Please check in with us first and then go get your bikes ready for the race as a lot of bikes in that area gets pretty cluttered pretty quick. Once checked in you are free to get ready and pre ride the course.

Bib Numbers: Please attach them to your bikes where our timers can see them. The best way is on the outside of the brake and shifter cables, and the bibs can be attached to said cables. Some people are attaching them to their handlebars and the bib numbers are rolling upward and aren't the most visible as you come across the finish line.

     These are a few tips that you can use to make your check in process less painful for you and more streamlined for us as well. Thanks for your participation, cooperation and patience. Thanks for sharing this with all of your friends. It's been fun each race to see so many new faces.

Keep the rubber side down!!

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