Friday, June 12, 2015

Mountain Bike Racers! - prepare yourself for the Casper Mountain Short Track race night!  Monday evening June 15, 2015 at ‘TheMAZE’ Nordic ski area on Casper Mountain.  Each race will be 20 minutes in length, the course is short, 0.55 miles, the terrain changes FAST and does not favor any particular skill set.  This course is PRIME for spectators,  so invite your friends and family to come cheer you ON!

Each category will race in turn: Recreational, Sport, Competitive, Expert .
The registration/check-in will close at 6:00. Kids race at 6:10.  Recreational riders be ready to go at 6:30. 

Course description:
START fast by the Nordic timing shed headed North, slightly down hill and wide.  Don’t get too comfortable though, the course gradually tapers down as it slithers along and makes a sweeping right just before you have to hit the brakes (or not) and make a 180 left onto the single track!  From there it is a gradual ascent on the twisty trail through the trees. Pop out of the single track at a hard left up a soft wide trail for a stretch then another left past the bleachers and the START/FINISH line. Keep going until the LAP Gate closes.

Each time you pass the START/FINISH will be 1 lap.  After 20 minutes, the LAP GATE will close and the FINISH GATE will open.  So, if you are on the course when that GATE closes, you are on your last lap.  Most laps, shortest time wins.

The FINISH GATE will be funnel shaped so the timers have a good view of the order. Please slow down as soon as you pass through the FINISH GATE.  The FINISH area is always a congested place so we appreciate a controlled departure from the course.

Have fun. Ride Safe.

Post race cuisine provided by The Cottage. 
Race participants only please.

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