Thursday, August 16, 2012


Have you joined us on Facebook yet??  I only ask, because the latest and newest of all news can be found there on FB.  It is such an easy tool for communication (although I will admit it can be overused which just makes it annoying, thus leading the reader to not pay attention because the content becomes useless at best).  Anyway, I highly suggest you find us on FB so that you can stay in touch with the Fish with whatever we might be up to from day to day.

There are some exciting new things coming up soon.  First up is the Finale to the Fat Fish Racing Monday night series which is this Monday on the 20th.  The next event is the Post Season Party on the 22nd at Washinton Park in Casper.  Ride your bike to show Casper what you are about and bring a friend too if you like.  Just make sure you RSVP on the FB event page so we know what to provide.  That night, you will get to drink free dranks, eat free BBQ which will be provided by our awesome sponsor, Compression Leasing, and we will award prizes to some very special and very fast individuals from the past race season.

Another night I'm looking forward to is the next full moon night ride.  This will be the only full moon night ride on a Friday night.... so lets stay up late and take advantage of the "blue moon".  Did you know that it will be a blue moon?  That is pretty rare, and it happens when you have two full moons in one month.  I'm thinking like a 6 hour race or something??? I'd have to get some requests before I start planning that.

After this fun stuff is the Fish StiCX Cyclocross series.  This will be a short series of kick butt, spectator friendly, and fun filled cross races that will make you wish you found this sport years ago.  Can't Wait!!

See you Monday!


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