Sunday, August 19, 2012

Courses for Fat Fish Finale

C Course for Monday.

A and B course.

Races start at 6:10pm.  So get there early to warm up.  Race starts near the bleachers behind the nordic center on Casper Mountain.  New to this race is the "King and Queen of the Mountain" prize.  This will be awarded to the first Man and first Women in the A and B categories who make it to the slash pile (highest point of the race... around mile 3) on the first lap.  The person who wins this prize will be warmed up before the race starts and that person will set a blazin' fast pace of the start.  I think it will be tough for someone to win both the King of the Mountain and the overall win for the night.  Pace Yourself!!

Have fun and see you at the races!!


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