Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OH NOOOOOOO.... The mountain bike racing season is almost over :(   On the down side, there is only one more Fat Fish Racing Series race for you to compete in.  But, on the up side, is another Biathlon race, the super awesome Fat Fish Racing CYCLOCROSS Series and coming THIS WEEKEND....... The first race of the WY HS MTB League.  Youth and adults all over Wyoming, Colorado, The Black Hills and folks in Billings too, think this race league is sweeeeet.  All you have to do is show up.  So many people, including myself sometimes, say things like "awe jeez, what if i'm the only one there.... I better just stay home and sleep so that I don't get bored".  What I say to that is, "Hey you dope! quit being a follower and take the lead on something for once!!".  What would have happened without the leaders of Fat Fish???  What if they just gave up after the first race that they hosted when only 3 racers showed up besides the race hosts??   

This League is for the kids!  But to encourage participation of the whole family, there is an event for everyone.  Bring your noise makers and camera's, this is gonna be a fun one :)  Check out the flyer below for schedule of events this weekend.  


While your here, check out these action shots from the last Fat Fish race on Muddy Mountain.  What a fun summer we've had so far!

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Anonymous said...

You fat fish...need to get together swim upstream to Sundance and race the Bearlodge.. Nothing like watching bear catch fish..woo hooo.
Yours truly,

Beary Belkin

The Bearlodge mascot..