Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi racers.  Winter is still here........ :(    I hope you are fitting in some great pre-season training.  Maybe some weightlifting, running, indoor spinning, plyometrics??   Pretty soon, races within driving distance of Casper will be here.  7 hours away is a race in Fruita, 6 hours away is a race in Castle Rock, only 2 hours away is the Gowdy Grinder on May20th, and memorial day could be a fun race weekend in Rapid City.  In just over 3 months, the Fat Fish Series will be here!  We are so excited to offer another FREE year of racing for Casper.  Group rides have "sort of" started with the Full Moon night rides.  I say sort of, because I couldn't make the last one, but January was fun.  Don't be afraid of posting a group ride that you would like to lead either.  If you want to go on a slow gravel road ride and need a partner or 6, post it.  Maybe someone would love to join.  Don't be shy and do whatever you can to stay on the bike.  If the cold is keeping you inside, there is some indoor spinning going on with the Casper Cycling Club and The Wheelmen road biking teams.  You could actually ride 5 days a week if you split up the days riding with these two teams

Also, don't underestimate the fun of a gravel road ride.  Here are a few pictures from my 39 miler last Saturday.  I'm planning another 3 or 4 hours tomorrow outside on the mtn bike.  I wish I had a pair of those BarMitts.  Those would make any pair of hands toasty warm no matter the weather.  For now, my snowboarding gloves with liners and a couple pair of hand warmers in my backpack for safety will have to do.  

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