Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FishstiCX Finale- Lets talk strategy!!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're all planning on being there Saturday for the Final cyclocross event. The course's pre-ride results are in. Here's a little of what your up against:

Distance: 1.1 Mile per lap

Time: Your biggest fans hanging at the start should be seeing you every 6-7 minutes.

Obstacles: Expect all the normal barriers, the flyover, the "hill"er coaster, and a concrete set of stairs

Course Condition: Well......Some of this is yet to be determined, we'll see what mother nature has in store.  This course is true cyclocross fashion with a little pavement, dirt trail, grass, and sand.

Add a little extra air in the tires for less rolling resistance through the grass, or deflate for traction in the sand. These strategies are up to you. The strategy we would like you to use is to tell your family, friends and anyone who might be interested to come and ride/race. Dig out the big coats for those spectators. Its supposed to be a little cold and similar to the fairgrounds race this will also be very spectator friendly. The first two races have been a blast to put on for you and we are pleased with the participation we have been getting. Lets keep it up and see all of you there on Sat.

                            10AM       SPORT/ RECREATIONAL    START
                   11AM       COMPETITIVE START
                            KIDS RACE TO FOLLOW

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