Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Thank You and a Video To Boot

     Friday night the snow started to fly and come Saturday morning the plows were out in full force.(Check out the video below to see what the plows did for the Fat Fish in Mike Sedar park!) Saturday brought an end to the FishstiCX Series. We had snow and cold to kick off a classic cyclocross race. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.(No wind- gotta take advantage of those days.) The turnout was great and I think everyone had a ton of fun!! We had a blast putting it on. Riders ranged from veteran cyclcross racers to beginners out for their first time. There were a lot of excuses that could have been made to stay home and hang out in the pajamas or go out and do some of the other fun activities going on around town. We're happy that those who came and rode chose to do so. The turnout of people who just came to watch was great also. We even had sponsors show up to watch and see how things were, and what these races are all about. Everyone is welcome back anytime. Results will be up in the future so check back to see how you or your friends faired out in the snow.
     We really appreciate all of the participation we have had throughout the year! It's been fun to see and help all of the beginners and people new to the sport smiling and having a good time at each of the races. It's been rewarding to put on good races for those who want to take it to the next level and be a little competitive and even better to see everyone still have fun and show good sportsmanship at each of the events. We were able to give away great prizes and have the series made possible only through great sponsors! To them and each of you we say THANK YOU!!!!. Please continue to support these fine sponsors and visit their business this holiday season. The year has been great for us and we hope the next is even better. May you have a very Merry Christmas.
     The video is of the sport/recreational race. It would have been really easy for a few of us Fat Fish to get together and do a crazy winter ride. These racers and riders come and give it their all every race and are another good reason to put these races on. They are some of the "heroes" that make the series successful.Enjoy. 

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