Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SOUPer Cross Race Results

Below are the results from the SOUPer Cross race along with the overall standings in the post's below.  As you can see from the overall standing, we have some tie's!!!  That will make the season finale at Mike Sedar Park that much more fun to race and watch.  It will be a true Cross Clash!!

Below is one picture from the Kids' race.  Nobody was injured during this race :)  All the kids rode as hard as they could with Mason taking the win, but all the kids giving it their all.  Lots of spectators and each youth had a spotter the whole race.  Expect that again if your child chooses to race on Dec 3rd at Mike Sedar Park.  Enjoy!

Competitive Category place SOUPer time
Emil Gercke 1 42:02:00
Adam Leiferman 2 43:20:00
Neil Benton 3 44:20:00
Leif Johansson 4 44:26:00
Bryce Straka 5 45:33:00
Joel Simonson 8 DNF
Gordon Edwards 8 DNF
Cristy Olsen 6 45:06 @ 1
Mike Belser 7 46:24 @1
Matt Deane 8 DNF

Sport Category Place SOUPer time
Ethan Murray 1st 32:17:00
Bruce Lamberson 5th 33:15 @1 lap
Jack Custard 6th 36:09 @1 lap
Brian Peterson 8th 38:20 @2laps
Chris Reilly 2nd 32:56:00
Roy Buck 3rd 34:08:00
Mason Sale 4th 34:43:00
Amy Sale 7th 37:17 @1 lap
Jeremy Brusch 9th 35:02 @3laps
Chloe Sale 10th 30:00 @4laps

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