Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alcova Trail

Have you been to Alcova to ride?  Just 30 minutes South of Casper on hwy 220, drive into the Alcova marina and park at the lot where the road ends.  To make a 5 mile, leg cramping loop, start your ride on the two track just behind the porta' potty.  Ride for 1.54 miles straight up some awesome technical jeep trail (averages 12.4% grade).  I rode from the porta potty to the fence line at 1.54 miles in 25 minutes and 2 seconds.  I hope you try to get to this place next weekend and beat my time..... Anyway, ride another half a mile to a 4 way jeep road crossing.  Take a left (East).  Ride for .7 miles and take a left (North) on the jeep road.  Ride down hill and straight on this road.  There are two dirt roads that jut off to the right (feel free to go exploring, but I don't know where they go).  After riding for about a mile, you will reach a fence.  Go ahead and climb through it and start riding single track the rest of the way down to the parking lot.  For two miles you will be going down hill.  Most of it is on solid rock, and the trail is marked with small blue paint markings and rock piles.  Have fun!  There was no snow at all and the trails were amazing.  I did the loop in about an hour (my gps died after 50 minutes).


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jdlaserdude said...

Another name for this trail is Jons way up for the guy who built it (pronounce it Spanish)