Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cold ride this morning

The snow stopped us from getting to the top of Bessemer mountain, but it didn't stop us from getting out on some dirt roads and two track trails.  Darrin, a mountain biker from Los Angeles visiting family in Casper, and I rode for two hours this morning.  I just started getting feeling back in my fingers enough to start typing.  I was quite impressed with his tolerance of the cold.  He said that he would like to go riding again when he gets back home so he rides once in snow and another time in a t-shirt in the same day.   Yesterday was so nice, I can't wait for warm weather again.  Maybe next weekend.

Enjoy the ride!

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darrin said...

Adam, I didn't make the two rides in one day. When I got home I was out by 7pm. Thanks again for the adventure, Darrin