Wednesday, March 23, 2011

39 days to the Fat Fish Season Opener!!!!

A couple Fat Fish on vacation!

Chris and Adam took to Lake Havasu for a couple days of riding (for Adam) and a collegiate triathlon (for Chris).  Chris rocked the olympic tri with a time of just over 2:04.  That was enough for him to place top on his team and in the first wave at Collegiate Nationals in Alabama on April 9th.  I just rode and coached for a couple days.  Below was a mandatory spin that Chris did in the middle of our 16 hour drive.  It was a very nice break from the car. 

Chris and the rest of the CSU Tri Team.

 Some mid ride photos.  With temps at 85 degrees, the under armor warm weather gear was awesome!!!  I highly suggest the sleeveless shirt under your jersey.  It kept me super comfortable.

It was too beautiful not to call Andrea during the ride to say how much I was missing her.  

Mark your calendars for May 2.  That is the first Fat Fish Racing Event.  We can't wait to see you there.


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