Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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The Fat Fish Racing Team recently met to hash out the dates for the 2011 Mountain Bike Riding Series. To see the dates check out the link above called Race Schedule.  You can find the Fat Fish Racing Events along with many other events that we are probably going to attend.  So get those calendars out and mark the Mondays that you can make the Fat Fish Rides.  One weekend you won't want to miss is May 21st and 22nd.  That Saturday, bring your bikes and hiking shoes to join us at Glendo State Park for some trail building.  This is a great chance to meet people, learn new trail, build new trail, and last but not least, RIDE new trail!  The next day is the Gowdy Grinder in Laramie.  The race course is absolutely amazing and they get a ton of racers from CO, so be prepared for a very competitive race.  

Last Thursday, some Fish met at Wind City PT and did a killer 1 hour training ride on our Kinetic Trainer.  The 2 minute threshold test that Kinetic suggests us to do every month is a great tool to see how our training is going.  I completely CRUSHED my threshold from last month maintaining about 355 Watts and a heart rate of 180, maxing out at 186 for the last few seconds.  Can't wait till next month.... Bring It!
 Miles and HR info from Thursday.

Last night I did some Plyo at the YMCA and met some new people.  The weight room in the basement is really nice and spacious.  I highly suggest that place if you're in the market for a new gym.  I met a guy named Rob and talked about how it's been years since he has been on his bike.  I hope he can make it to one of our events and start cycling again.  The Fat Fish Racing Events are for everyone.  If you are competitive and want to compare your times against your friends, your self or against some of the area's fastest, you will love the A class of riding at the Fat Fish Rides.  If you are out for a good time on the bike and don't care about your time, then the B class of riding is for you.  There will be more info coming soon about the Fat Fish Rides.

Tonight was supposed to be a "low stressed" ride according to my training plan, but two hours of consistent riding in Zone 2 was actually quite stressful.  Usually an unplanned ride consists of me going fast and slow, hard and easy, stand and sit, one leg, then the other.  Trying to maintain a heart rate in between 120 and 129 was much more work than I was expecting.

 Miles above, Average HR below left, Max HR below right.
Get out and ride folks!  Can't wait to see you all on May 2.

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