Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Chance

Next Monday the Fat Fish will be sending in the order for team jerseys.  If you want to order a jersey, which by the way makes your 23% faster, you will need to send us your info sometime this week.  Just email the team at

Today was a gorgeous day here on the prairie.  The cattle trail was just dusted over last night with a half an inch of snow, making the single track easily visible.  I rode for just 85 minutes of interval funness.  The nearby horses had a fun time watching as I passed by each 5 minute loop.  I guess they were curious, because they walked the fence line back and forth while I rode.

Have a great week.  Oh, the ol' san juan worm slayed the trout yesterday on the North Platte.  I caught a fish every 5 minutes.  My hands never got the chance to warm up.  Good luck fishin!

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