Friday, January 21, 2011

Jersey order reminder

Hello Fat Fish Racing friends!  This is just a friendly reminder to anyone who is interested in one of the teams racing jerseys.  We plan on making an order in early February and need all requests soon.

Just email with your request/questions at

I had an awesome ride tonight.  INTERVALS are so great right now.  Its good to feel the heart and legs hard at work.  I rode for 64 minutes with a 20 minute warm up.  Then did intervals for 40 minutes (one minute at 90-95% and two minutes at 30 or so %) with a 4 minute cool down and 15 minutes of stretching. Today was so nice.  Wish I wasn't at work during such beautiful days.  Now tomorrow is going to be cold and windy  ugghh.

Enjoy the ride!

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