Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tis the season for New Years resolutions, and kicking your own butt in the gym or on the trainer. The Fat Fish are doing both with indoor/outdoor strength and cardio conditioning and some serious work-outs on the indoor trainers. If you don't have a Kinetic indoor trainer, get one! This is a serious weapon that needs to be added to your arsenal. Starting early will make you so much stronger come time for the first Fat Fish ride at the end of April and national events like the Laramie Enduro.

The evidence of a good ride: A Kinetic Trainer, reading material for the long warm-up and cool-down, phone, banana, waterbottles, and a soaking wet towel and bandana from the workout.

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Neil Benton said...

I have been on my Kinetic for about two months now put on 50 miles last week. I plan on doing a 2 plus hour ride on Saturday along with my intervals on Tuesday and Thursdays