Friday, December 17, 2010

Great News For 2011

The Fish just had their end of the year gathering and we talked about the future of the team and mountain biking in the community. We have great news for everyone. 2011 will bring a much more organized riding series to Casper with a scheduled 9 ride Monday Night Series starting in May. The mountain bike ride series will end on a Saturday in September with an end of the year bikers bash. Great news for all you women. There is going to be a WOMENS ONLY group ride each Wednesday after the organized Monday night series rides. The course will already be set up for all of you and this ride will be lead by women too.

Of course these rides will once again be FREE All Year Long!
They will still be fun and casual.
There will still be FREE food and drink after each ride (for the Monday AND Wednesday rides)
These rides will be in or close to town, so you don't have to take hours off of work to get there.
All ability levels will be able to ride the trails

New to 2011:
There will be 2 classes of which to ride at the Monday Night Series: Cat A, Cat B. Women can choose which one they wish to ride in and will be separate from the Men. (we may change the name later, but you get the idea).
Series points will be awarded to the riders in the A category.
Extra points can be earned by volunteering at various trail working dates.
End of the year prizes will be awarded to the top Men and Women riders in Class A
Random prizes will be drawn for all riders in each Category.
A Fat Fish will be riding along with the B class to help encourage and motivate new/younger riders. All of our events are casual and fun for anyone. New to mountain biking?? No Problem! We are here to help you have a blast.

We can't wait to see you again in May!  Until then, have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, a loving Valentines Day, a sweet St. Patricks Day, a cool April Fools and we will see you around Earth Day!


We would like to offer anyone the chance to own a Fat Fish Racing jersey. If you would like to purchase a jersey for yourself or for a friend then please email the team at and I will get back to you ASAP. A jersey order will be made on February 1st, so that we have them for our first ride in May.  We just ask that you be a respectful human being while representing our team and the town of Casper.

Fat Fish Racing is able to make these events free and have free food afterwards because of our amazing sponsors. If you are a business owner and would like to promote your business by sponsoring our team and events then please email the team at to get more information about sponsorship. We have a number of different sponsorship levels that will no doubt suit your businesses needs.

Da Fish!

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