Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday night recap

Thank you to all who showed last night on Casper Mountain. The course was super fun and super fast. I used most of the loop that was part of the race a couple weeks ago on the mountain, but we did 3 short-cuts that eliminated a couple hills and the loop around the nordic center. There were a total of 12 of us at the ride last night with 4 of us doing 4, 4 mile loops and the rest doing 2 or 3. There was even a couple folks from Torrington, WY who drove hours to get here for the Fat Fish Ride.

Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the ride, the conversations, the hot dogs and the fun that we all have on our rides.

Thank you to..................
for the donation of food for the ride last night. I just got some work done on my bike from Phil at Mountain Sports and my bike is running like it did 3 years ago when it was new. Thank you Mountain Sports.

As of right now, the Fat Fish Racing team is looking for more donors for foods after the rides. 25 dollars is all it takes to sponsor one of our events (as long as our rider numbers stay sort of low). So, if any of you are interested in being a donor, please email me at

In other news, there has been a bunch of people interested in the Fat Fish Racing jersey. We are going make another order ASAP. If you want to get in on some of this awesomeness, please email me at the above email as soon as possible. Short sleeved jerseys are just 43 bucks while a long sleeved jersey, as pictures below, is only 53. A long sleeved WINTER jersey is 54 dollars. Email or call one of us Fat Fish as soon as possible if you are interested. The order will be made very very soon, so time is of the essence.

In even more news of the otherness, the shoulder is doing really good. I rode yesterday for a total of 5 hours and did 3 of my 7 laps last night at nearly race pace. This next week will be pretty laid back for training. It's my work week, so I will be out here riding my 1 mile loop many times. Sunday, I plan on doing a short interval session followed by a week of recovery rides before the 2 1/2 hour race next Saturday. Thursday morning, Andrea and I will be heading to Granby for nationals. The Granby race is held at Sol Vista Ski Area (actually called the Granby Ranch now) and is around 9500 ft above sea level, has more climbing than any course I've ever rode, and a decent so long your hands go numb from squeezing the bar for so long. ALSO, there will be most of the counties fastest mountain bikers to race against. So no reason to be nervous or anything.

Next Fat Fish Racing event will probably be July 22 or 29.


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