Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday Night Hill Climb and a half

Come one, come all to Casper's next greatest bachelorette... oh sorry there, since Ali didn't give Kirk a rose I've just been lost. haha just kidding, but seriously, Kirks dad ruined his chances.

Anyway.... Clear the calendar because you are going to want to make it to this one. Thursday, July 22nd is going to be the next Fat Fish Racing group ride. This hill climb will have two categories. The Bessemer Mountain Climb (for beginners and anyone who wants to just get to the top the easiest way) and The Bessemer Mountain Climb And A Half (this is for everyone who wants to scale the front of the mountain first then go back down and around to the back side of the mountain and up again).

The finish line is at the TOP of Bessemer Mountain. The views are amazing and you are going to want to make it here. As you may know, Bessemer Mtn is nearly all land locked and the land owners around it are giving us the opportunity to explore for this one day.

Free food and drinks afterwards.

I'm headed to the National Mountain Bike Championships but after this weekend I'll be back to give you more information.

See you out there.


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