Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Thursday Fat Fish/Casper Mtn Ride

Hello dirt lovers, Adam here. I am pumped for the Thursday night competitive ride and I hope you are too. Finally we will get to ride on some single track that is not cow trail. Although we will get back to that again here soon, but my exploring has taken a step backward with my shoulder being a little hurt.

If you didn't get a chance to race at the Red Cross Casper Mountain Bike Race a week ago, then you are going to love the course that the Fat Fish are going to put together. If you DID get the chance to race a week ago, then you will also love the course because we are going to add some fun stuff and take out that loop around the nordic center.

I will find a path to challenge us for multiple laps with a total time of around 1 and a half hours. Those of you who choose to ride for less are more than welcome to stop a lap or two early and enjoy a beverage and hot dog.

The details are as follows.

Who: anyone can ride with us. We want anyone with a bike and a helmet to feel welcome at all or any of our Fat Fish Racing competitive rides.
What: A relaxed or competitive pace. Its your call. Test your fitness amongst some of Caspers fastest, or go with the flow and ride next to your friend or brother or spouse.
When: 6:30 start on Thursday, July 8
Where: Meet at the small parking lot immediately past the Nordic Center. There is an outhouse and enough parking for all of us there.
Why: Because you CAN! There is no fee so there is no big deal if you ride one lap or 4. Do whatever you want, as long as its safe.

As always...... Bring your helmet and absolutely NO RIDING until you have signed a Fat Fish Racing Event Release Form.

Be safe and i'll see you out on the trails.


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