Monday, July 19, 2010

Ride cancelled

Sorry folks, but I am going to cancel the ride we had planned for this Thursday. A combination of nobody RSVP'ing and that I am now doing the Enduro and need to spend more time on the bike. Today was a three hour and twenty minute ride with Leif and I need to do that a couple more times before July 31st to be as ready as I can.

Hope to see you at the Enduro and if anyone wants to ride a few hours on Thursday or early next week, feel free to email and I'd love to join you.


Oh, Nationals was awesome! I loved the course, but it really whooped me. 70 people came in ahead of me in the Cat 1 category out of more than 200 racers. I was really hoping for a better placing in my age group which was 9th out of 18. Top 3 advance to the Pro category. Next year if I can shave off 5 minutes (which I think is completely possible) I would be in the top 3.

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