Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laramie Recap

Taking time off from work, driving over two hours to get there and not getting back to Casper until after 11pm....... COMPLETELY worth it to race on the fast trails of the Happy Jack Area. The Laramie crew that sets up the course really knows how to make a ride fun for everyone. Most fun for me, is a multiple lap race. I love to get to know the trail with each lap, which usually gets me going faster and faster.

Last night Mike and I rode down for what I knew would be a battle to finish top 3. I was nervous already by the time we were driving through Laramie. The sick feeling in my stomach did not go away until I heard GO on the mega phone.

4 laps, 4.2 miles each lap.

Within the first 2 miles the lead guy was way out on everyone else. Then it was another CO guy, Even and then Me. Even and the other guy were able to gain about 10 seconds on me on each decent, but my climbing was my strength last night. I was able to get ahead of Evan in the middle of lap two with the CO guy not in my sights anymore. Mentally, I was there and accepting of the punishment my legs were taking. I wanted to catch the next guy so bad that I started to really push the limits on the decent in lap 3. I knew it wouldn't gain me too much time overall, but if I could just do whatever I could to not give up that 10 seconds that he gained the first lap, it just might be enough to take him at the final climb of the race.

Lap 3 was smoking fast and I finally came within sight of the CO guy (in second place). I was 10 seconds behind at the start of the final lap and just 8 seconds behind him before we started the crazy technical down hill section. Again, I thought, just don't give up any time.

The speed got the best of me, and the 3 foot rocky section which I gracefully jumped the first three laps, seemed like pebbles as I FLEW over them at a speed way higher than the previous times. I soared over the rocks, past the nice smooth landing where I touched ground the last laps, and smashed my front wheel into a basketball sized rock which stopped my bike right there. I was tossed over the handle bars and, like in slow motion, looked at each rock that I was about to hit with my limp body. Shoulder first into solid rock, then a roll to another solid rock which my left hip and butt thought would be fun to smash against.

Unbelievably, I'm nearly pain free today. David Milam with The Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie gave me an evaluation after the race and gave me some direction on what to do next. He said that I had separated my shoulder and that I need to take it easy until Nationals.

Good thing I have a Kinetic Indoor Trainer :)

Can't wait to ride again!

July 8th is the next Fat Fish Racing ride

We will be up on the mountain, parking will be at the restroom area just south of where we parked at the Casper Race on Sunday.

What trails are we going to do? It will be a mix of what we did at the Casper race, with all the stuff near the lodge taken out and some other fun stuff mixed in.

6:30 start.

Hot dogs, chips, cookies, gatorade will be there for all riders which is provided by Bruce at
Mountain Sports!!!

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evan, yo! said...

I hope your shoulder is ok. I was pretty bummed for you. I guess that's why I didn't see you hanging around afterward. Good luck at nats if I don't see you before then!