Monday, August 2, 2010

Thursday Night MTN Bike Ride

The Enduro has now come and gone, but the riding in Casper MUST continue. The Fat Fish Racing bike ride that will be this Thursday is going to be a very chill ride for everyone. A recovery ride for those of us who did the Enduro and a fun "No Drop" ride for all who show.

There is a jeep trail that I have seen going up the west side of Casper mountain which I really want to explore. I plan on leaving the horse arena at 6:15 to ride up Jackson Canyon.

The course: 30 minute ride up Jackson Canyon (that is a very casual pace) then 15 minutes of flat, two track trail before a very long decent down about 1,000 ft in elevation. At the bottom we will take a short break before tackling the jeep trail up Casper mountain. I'd like to make it to the top before turning back around and going back the same way we came.

2.5 hours is a good estimate of what we will bike. Of course we can go longer or shorter if the group would like.

Bring a granola bar or GU to eat while we ride and plenty of water.

We are not going to drop anyone, so anyone can ride with us. This is just for fun.

Oh, the grasshoppers are EVERYWHERE. If grass and hoppers touching your legs are your worst nightmares then the first 15 minutes of the ride will tick you off. Everywhere else is fun and fast two track.

See you there.


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