Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

Finally a nice day to ride outside. The last three days I have been using The Stick (check it out by clicking on the picture to the right) and doing some light spinning indoors on my Kinetic Trainer.

My last race was May 22 and I have not recovered yet from that until today. It took three days of use and my muscle soreness is completely gone. AWESOME, I highly recommend this tool to anyone who ever gets sore.

Anyway, I'm going to ride crossroads tomorrow night (or send a scout at least) to see if they will be ridable for Thursday. With everything out here being so water logged, crossroads may be the best bet for us.

I will post tomorrow night with the final destination for the Thursday ride.

Laramie race is postponed for tomorrow, so get to crossroads and do some intervals!!!!!

See you soon.

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