Thursday, June 10, 2010


Whoa, was I in some serious stuff today while in search of new trail to share with all of you. Rain, hail, lightning crashing all around me, just another day of training and exploring for me. A new neighbor of ours let me ride through some of their land and it was great. I absolutely LOVE climbing and when you can finish the climb with an super long and super fast decent it makes the perfect end to a ride. I had to do a lot of hike-a-bike to find the two track, which seemed to be obvious one second and completely disappear the next. I think that with some more exploring, a new trail could be in the works for us to ride on another Thursday.

The area that I rode was near Bessemer Mountain and with A LOT more exploring, the perfect cross country loop could be found in the mix of cobble, dirt, sage, washouts and flat rock.

Right now I'm pretty bummed. My wife and I were planning on going to Winter Park for the hill climb on Saturday, but since the car broke down we are not going to. So, if you are not doing anything on Saturday, GO TO WINTER PARK! The trails are epic and the 40 minute hill climb could be the warm-up to an amazing weekend of riding. Check out the link on the right of the blog here.

Next Races:

Tuesday, June 15. Laramie Mountain Bike Series.

Thursday, June 17. Fat Fish Racing Bike Ride.

June 26. Super Loop in Winter Park, CO

June 27. Casper Mountain Bike Race.

June 29. Laramie Mountain Bike Series.

Get out and explore!


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