Monday, June 28, 2010

Casper Mountain Rewind

The Casper Mountain bike race sponsored by the Red Cross turned out to be another georgeous day to race. With a turn out of nearly double that of last year, it proved to be an intense afternoon of racing for everyone. Two of the Fat Fish placed in the top 3 of the Expert class while another Fish was riding strong in the Sport or Intermediate class. There was great music afterwards, plenty of food and drink and stories of how each persons race went. It is so great to have the trails we have here in Casper.

We were talking after the race about how nice it is to have so many miles of trails basically to ourselves, with not having to stop constantly for hikers, horse riders, and other bikers.

Adam above (second in Expert). Neil below (third in Expert).

Frank below (Sport class rider).

This last weekend was amazing for riding. I went to Winter Park to race the Super Loop, an 18 mile hammerfest with close to 100 expert class riders. IT WAS AWESOME! I finished in at 1hour28min, followed by another 1 hour hillclimb of 2300 feet. The best part of the day was picking up Andrea from the airport later that night.


Using The Stick completely recovered my muscles for the Casper race and I was completely 100% by the next day.

Tomorrow, Laramie! I can't wait.

Next Fat Fish Race....... JULY 8th

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evan, yo! said...

Dude, I'm bummed I missed it(I am one of the organizers for the Dead Dog). I really hope to be there next year, and maybe hit one of your Thursday night races this summer. See you tonight!