Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackson Canyon Competitive Mountain Bike Ride

Who: Anyone can ride as long as you are wearing a helmet and sign the safety release form.
What: A 7.7 mile bike ride into some amazing country. We are so lucky to live and ride here.
When: Thursday, June 3rd. 6:30 start
Where: Start at the horse arena at the top of the hill a half a mile from hwy 220 on Goose Egg Road. Look for the Goose Egg Inn restaurant sign on the left side of the road and turn left there.
Why: Because this is a really fun course and I rode my tail off all evening in the rain today to mark it, so you better be there! :)

The course is set for Thursday, and I must say that I have outdone myself on this one. The scenery is absolutely amazing at the top of the canyon and I know all of you will agree. This is going to be a wonderful event which will start with a 2.2 mile hill climb up jeep trail to the top of the canyon. From there we will all ride a 1.85 mile loop with a mix of single track and double track. The OPEN class will be doing the climb + 3 laps while the BEGINNER class will do the climb + 2 laps.

Expect the OPEN class winner to finish in about 52 minutes and the BEGINNER class winner to finish in about 56 minutes.

We will finish the ride at the top of the canyon, exactly where we finished last time, and you can stay to cheer on the rest of the riders or you can casually ride back down to the arena to enjoy a recovery drink and hot dog.

Please respect the land owners and their property. So no leaning bikes against the buildings, no littering, no peeing in the open, and stay on the marked trail. Be sure to say thank you to the land owner as well before ya leave.

The Fat Fish will have some gatorade and water, hot dogs, chips and some music. Besides that, be sure to bring your helmet and to sign the release form before you ride.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


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