Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you everyone who showed up to the ride today. The wind was in our favor again, as it helped to push us all up the mountain. Micah flew up the mountain today and, along with Colby and Neil, was finishing the loop that I thought would take everyone 11-13 minutes to finish in less than 9.

Thank you Bruce from Mountain Sports for the donation of food. It is so nice to have some grub right after a tough ride. Don't worry friends, there will still be enough for the next ride too:)

I took a ton of photos and will post every single one of them on Monday or Tuesday. For now my wife and I are headed to MN for the weekend and will be back late Sunday. If there is anyone who DOES NOT want their picture or name posted on this blog, please contact me by Monday saying so. Email at

Next Fat Fish ride is June 17. See you then and remember.....

Keep the rubber side down


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