Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown!!

Hey there mountain bikers. Adam here from the Fat Fish Racing team. The bike ride planned for this Thursday is still on and I'll be setting the course tomorrow night. So you will have to wait for exact distances and elevation but I should have it for you before the ride begins on Thursday. The ride will begin with a hill climb up Jackson Canyon, similar to what the ride was a month ago, but it will be a more direct route to the top. From there we are going to try and find a mile or two loop that we will do multiple laps on. Expect the top OPEN category guys to finish in about 50 minutes while the top BEGINNER category guys to also finish in about 50 minutes (made possible because of a shorter distance). During the ride, I will be at the top doing the timing and the finish will be in the exact same spot where we finished the last timed ride.

Once again, there will be some free hot dogs for you after the event and of course it will be FREE to ride as well.

Remember to wear your helmet and I'll see you soon. For directions look at the earlier blog posts for the directions to the Jackson Canyon hill climb.

RSVP please, so we know how many dogs to bring.


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