Saturday, June 19, 2010

For the love of biking

Wind, Wind and more WIND was the story of our Fat Fish Racing bike ride on Thursday. The wind was so bad, that most of the people who RSVP'd for the ride, did not even show for the ride. Oh well. Gordon, Mike and I tore up the single-track of crossroads for over an hour without even touching the rising river.

The ride was great, even with the wind. I brought to the ride one thing that I never leave home without, earplugs. Earplugs eliminate almost 100% of the noise from the wind and when you can get rid of that annoyingly loud howl in your ear, the enjoyment factor goes WAY WAY up during your ride. Now, please don't do this while you are riding in the city. This is dangerous when you are riding in town, but while riding alone on the dirt, they are a lifesaver.

Because of the wind, we did not stay afterwards to grill. So during our next Fat Fish Racing ride, we will have more hotdogs, chips, cookies, gatorade for EVERYONE thanks to Bruce at MOUNTAIN SPORTS.

Yesterday I rode 26 miles of single track near Denver. The Red Rocks trail, the Castle Rock trail, and the Morgan Creek trail. All were fun, but way way way too crowded. I did over 4,300ft of climbing in 26 miles and in 2 hr 50 min.

I must say that we have it so good here in Casper. We have so much riding opportunity here and the best part is that there are usually no other people on the trail. Yesterday, I was constantly slowing down for hikers, bikers, fishermen, runners, walkers, and even bird watchers. I can honestly say that I'd take the wind here over the crowded Denver trails any day.

Thanks for looking

Hope to see everyone at the Red Cross Casper Mountain Race on Sunday


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