Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Casper Mountain Race

Feeling Fast? Good! I hope you are planning to bring your A game to the Casper Mountain/Red Cross Bike Race this Sunday. The Fat Fish Racing team will have a few members racing and sporting our new jerseys.

Here are a few pictures from last years race. The insanely steep hill, yeah the one that makes you get off your bike and walk up, IS RIDABLE.

The hill is also runnable, however, your legs will be much more happy if you stay on the bike and spin as hard as you can.

My suggestion is to get to the race an hour early and head straight for that hill. That is what I did last year and I tried getting up it 12 times (with no luck) before the race began. Come race time, I was mentally prepared for the beast and had each root and rock memorized. Sure I didn't make it up the first time, but you know what they say........ 14th and 15th times are a charm!!

What have I been up to for training????

I've been riding and stretching and yoga'ing. Monday I rode my 1 mile loop on my single speed until I bent the chain which came out to be 1 hour and 50 minutes at an 85% intensity. Tuesday was a recovery ride indoors on the Kinetic Trainer for 1 hour and 25 minutes at 60% intensity. Today was max out race pace effort for 45 minutes on the single speed (until I snapped my chain), then a 30 minute aerobic yoga session.

Lately i've started getting into stretching for a good 20 minutes after the rides and it, along with using The Stick, has DRAMATICALLY reduced my soreness and recovery time.

I'm only posting this info to try and help people, not to brag or anything (OK, well maybe i'm trying a little to out-do my brothers back in MN, but nobody else). I read Pro mountain bikers blogs all the dang time for training tips and do my best to imitate their work-outs. Who knows, maybe you'll start doing some of these workouts and find out that your getting stronger, faster, fitter, healthier and even having more fun on the trailsier.

Ride Hard and I'll see you out there on the dirt.


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