Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I love my Kinetic Indoor Trainer

Without a doubt, the number one reason I love my trainer is because I love my wife!

I'm sure all of you can relate. It is a beautiful evening after work, light clouds, no wind and clear forecast. The kind of night perfect for riding up a mountain. It is also the perfect night to surprise your loved one with a picnic in the back yard or a romantic walk by the river.

Having the Kurt Kinetic indoor trainer allows me to spend more time with my wife and still get in a ride before the day is over. Ride when ever you want to and not when the weather allows.

Last night: 40 minutes of light pedaling with 3 sets of 3 intervals mixed in before a 20 minute time trail effort. All of which were on the DVD that came with my Kinetic trainer.

Other reasons to love my indoor trainer.....
Leak free and worry free. I use mine right on the carpet and have the towel only for sweat.

Easy to set up.

Extremely realistic to riding on the road.

Adjustable so that you can fit your 29er mountain bike on it.

I don't like riding in mud and the roads are dangerous out here where I live, so riding indoors on days when the weather is crummy is the way I roll.

Neil on his Kinetic Road Machine

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