Friday, July 25, 2014


Ever wanted to be as fast at Christy?  Ever wanted to pop a wheelie and ride it for a mile like Bryce?  Ever wanted to have giant muscular quads like Ben?  Ever wanted to jump off huge ledges like Tyler?  

Well, why can't you??? 

Because your missing a Fat Fish Racing jersey of course!!!

Jersey orders are due July 31st (NEXT WEEK!!) and a check needs to be in Ben's hands, made out to Ben Emery by then.  Cost of a jersey is $50.  You can only order a short sleeve, club cut, full zipper jerseys in mens or women's.  Drop it off at Aspen Ridge Dental to make sure it gets there on time.    

warning: wearing a FFR jersey will not give you super human strength or speed.  You will not have better balance or instantly be capable of huckin' off cliffs.  You will, however, look pretty fast and that counts for something :)

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