Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Casper Mountain Crazy

MONDAY July 7, 2014

Who:  Anyone that wants to have some fun!

What: Classes A and B do 1 prelude lap and 2 full laps for 14.1 miles.  No sandbaggers here!  C class will do 2 prelude laps for 5.8 miles.

When: Monday.  Registration is open from 4-6 with the first race starting at 6:15

Where: Casper Mountain Nordic Lodge.  Registration is at the lodge while the course will start and finish is behind the lodge in the maze trails.  Easy to find!

Why: Because we know you can!

Our awesome food sponsor Olive Garden will provide the tastiest food to fill your belly!

Food will be ready for racers once they cross the line!  Racers first please.

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