Sunday, June 22, 2014

MAZED AND CONFUSED short track race


Who:  Anyone can race this short race.  Any age.

What: A short track race is a small loop where riders do multiple laps for around 20-25 minutes.

When: Monday.  Registration is open from 4-6 with the first race starting at 6:15

Where: Casper Mountain Nordic Lodge.  Registration is at the lodge while the course is behind the lodge in the maze trails.  Easy to find.  The finish of the race is at the timing hut about 100 yards from the parking lot.

Why: This will be the most exciting race to watch yet!  Short loops and fast racing.

Notes:  First category will be the Mens C class.  When they finish, the Women from both the B and C categories will all get to race at once.  You'll both do 3 laps on a loop that is .8 miles long.   When the women are finished, the B men will race.   After the B riders finish, the entire A category will race at once.  The kids will follow.

Food will be served after the A race finishes.

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