Saturday, May 10, 2014

Register NOW!!

Woohoooo, only a few days until the season starts at the Squaw Creek Kickoff!  That means that there are less days to register online.  We NEED you to register for the series online, even if you know that you'll only be making this one race the whole season.   The time savings of registering online is huge.  Last year we started the race 45 minutes late because so many people chose to sign up the day of.  Lets not make that happen again.  In fact, some people had to go home before the race started and others had to split after just one lap.

It's simple!  Please help us out by registering online.

click the link below and follow the directions.  Thank you for registering online!  Plus, prices go up day of registration and you also don't get the free custom socks.

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