Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Here!!!!

Hey Casper, Wyoming, and anyone else paying any attention. :)

Registration is open for the 2014 Fat Fish Racing summer series!

We are stoked and have another fantastic season lined up for you. Once again our sponsors have come through with much generosity and support and we encourage you to support them by patronizing their business's and also giving them a verbal thanks for all that they do for Fat Fish Racing.

We will once again be using Webscorer this year and hope that it proves beneficial for you as well as us. Some things to note are that for Series registration this year, you must sign up for all 7 races. We know that some may not be able to make all 7 and that's ok. We can adjust very easily for that and it won't be a problem. You will pay a $20 fee for the first race and the next 6 after that will be free. "SERIES" registration will be open until just before the first race. After that closes you will be able to register for each race individually for $5 a race. After filling in your info for the first race, Webscorer will populate all of your info for the next races. Just keep hitting the "proceed to next race" button until it confirms all of your registrations. All racers under the age of 18 will race for free just as in years past. When choosing categories please keep in mind that distances will be such that race times expected are: A class will be between 1-1.5 hours, B class between 45 minutes to an hour, and c class around 30 min. We encourage you to choose wisely and stick to the category you fit best, but also to challenge yourself and move up a category as you get better.

When registering for the races(series or individual) you will have an option to enter a team name. A team will consist of  1 rider from each  category(A, B men, B women, and C) being scored. Each persons individual score from the race will be added up for a team score. When registering your team, each individual will need to enter the exact same team name. Be creative have fun with it and please remember we do have kids  at our races. Please keep names "kid appropriate".

This year for a little extra cash you may purchase a FFR moisture wicking  t-shirt. If you register for the series you qualify for 1 shirt @ $12. You may purchase additional shirts also. 1 for $15, 2 for $26, and 3 for $36. We are hoping to have these to you by the 2nd race of the series.  Please make sure you let us know the sizes that you would like.( 1- Mens M, 2- Womens S, etc).

As a last incentive to register for the series before race day, we are offering all pre-registered riders a FREE pair of custom Fat Fish Racing mountain bike socks!  They are awesome and custom made by a brand all cyclists know, Sock Guy.  

Payment- Webscorer will tally up your grand total and you will have 2 payment options.   You may pay with a credit card through PayPal or if you are uncomfortable with that you may select the "alternative payment method" and send a check to:

                                                            Fat Fish Racing 
                                                            4474 Antelope Dr.
                                                            Bar Nunn, Wy. 82601.

When we receive your check we will  confirm your registration and you will be ready to race.

Keep looking at the blog and Facebook as we will have dates and places set up for you to get your new bib #'s. Have you seen the picture of them? They are fantastic!!

We hope you are as excited to ride and race this year as we are. The weather should just keep getting nicer as we inch our way toward spring. Hopefully everyone is starting to get out and enjoy the spring air on their bikes and get some good rides in.

Here is your link to register:


Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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