Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thats a wrap!

The year of racing for the Fat Fish has come to an end.  Like most of you, we will spend the next months taking it easy, playing the snow a bit and spending time with family.  Though we are over 6 months away from our next organized race, we have already started the planning.  Great brainstorming sessions have been had through email, over the phone and in person.

Lets take a second to remember some of this years amazing events......  Remember the first short track race when we tried to use our online timing equipment for the first time?  What a slow race that was.  Glad is was just practice.  Remember the wind?  Remember the hill climb when the weather was so perfect, it was like we were living our cycling dream ride?  The view from that peak was beautiful and worth every drop of sweat.  Remember the amazing single track of Casper Mountain?  Muddy Mountain and the way you could lean your bike into those smooth turns??  What about Creek Crossings!!!

It was a great year!!

Thank you to all our sponsors this year.  It is the push we receive from you guys that drives us to continue moving forward.  We need the help from you and your business and couldn't manage to run the series without your help!!  From the bottom of our hearts, we say Thank You.

Each year Fat Fish Racing has brought something new to racing in Casper.  Thanks to all of the feedback we have received throughout the year, we want to pick up the 2014 season right where we left off.  Fat Fish Racing hopes to have the continued support from the community (racers and sponsors) to host another 7 race mountain bike series starting Monday, May 19th.  Timing will be nearly the same as last year with some minor additions that you will enjoy to help speed up registration.  Check-in will be quicker in 2014!!  The idea of team racing has been thrown across the table multiple times now with many raised eyebrows :)  New venues??  Maybe.  One of the favorites by many racers this year was Mosteller's Ranch.  Due to the devastation caused by the flooding this summer, we might not get to race there again.  "A", hill climb is a must!!  Should we do the Bessemer HC again?  With the amazing relationship we have made over the years with the City Of Casper, we hope to get back on Hogadon to add some miles to one of our favorite Casper Mountain races.

Ok, so we are doing 7 races again..... big whoop.  What else??

In 2014 Fat Fish Racing will strive to offer at least a bi-weekly group ride for the public (May-Aug).  Could be fast, slow, could be night, women's, families.  We want to offer a few skills clinics for the public (A few of us were involved with some CAMBYR skills clinics and really enjoyed it).  Skills before the season begins!!  Weekend races.  Fat Fish will be joining up with CAMBYR in the 2nd ever Trails Festival held in Casper on Saturday May 17th.  Fat Fish has many other ideas for weekend races in the summer but one that could be really successful is an event at Glendo ;)  Keep in mind that the last is just an idea still.

One final note.  Fat Fish Racing LOVES to race and host racing.  We love to do it for free or as cheap as possible.  We also want to continue to provide all of this for free or cheap as long as we can.  Our sponsors allow all of this to happen!!  Without them, we would eventually fizzle up and fade away.  I ask that for the rest of the year, if you can, thank the Fat Fish Racing sponsors.  If you enjoyed the series, tell them!!  Show them we care by spending a couple dollars at their business.  I know they will appreciate it and they will turn around and show us their appreciation by supporting the series year after year.

Please support those that make this all possible!  Thank you.

~Adam and the Fat Fish Racing Team


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