Sunday, November 24, 2013

CX results are up!!

What a fun day yesterday at Washington Park! Results are up. Thanks for being patient with us(me) as we have fought some issues in our posting of results. Anyhow they are up with a few minor technicalities. In order for the finish order to be correct I had to manually plug in some fake finish times for those that finished a lap or two down. It sucks I know! However if I can come up with a better fix I will change it. For the time being, If you look at lap times, it will show your true finish time as of your last lap. Remember that anything in "green" on webscorer  can be clicked on and viewed. There's a lot there and if you're as nerdy as me will spend hours seeing how badly you've been creamed :) It was sure fun to have so many people cheering and so many people who traveled from around the state for the festivities. No more delaying!! Here are your results!