Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Singletrack Attack Map and last minute buisness.

So ladies and gentlemen,

Here it is, your much anticipated course map for the Casper Mountain Singletrack Attack! This is how it shakes out:
  • A Class will do 3 red laps at approx. 6 miles per lap. 18 total miles. Race start at 6:15PM
  • B class will do 2 red laps for 12 miles total    Race start at 6:17PM
  • C Class will do 2 of the yellow laps.      Race start @ 6:20
  • Kids race will start at 6PM  Please take a minute from your pre-race prep to cheer these fine youngsters on as they give it their all.
There are three different times the C class will break away from the main trail and will be distinguished by the yellow arrows pointing one way and red arrows another corresponding with the map above. The first half of the course is on the main ski trails. These are wide, predominately uphill and will be great for getting into a routine and position in the pack. Please remember to pass kindly. The second half is a lot more singletrack broken up by short sections of wide trail where we have tried our hardest to offer the best of both worlds where one can enjoy the great singletrack and also have opportunities to pass.

Please park at Beartrap Meadow and bring a camping chair for the post race activities. The skeeters are out so don't forget the bug spray. Two friendly reminders:
         - As our participation numbers grow please remind our family, friends and spectators that the food is for the racers first. They have paid to participate and earned a good meal as they've worked to finish the race. We love our spectators also and will gladly share with them after all the racers are fed. Big numbers are kind of a fun problem to have :)
          - Please make sure upon arrival that you check in with the registration crew. We like to know who is out on the course and that everyone made it back safe.

We look forward to seeing you Mon. night and hope you enjoy the great food and prizes from our great sponsors. Most of all we hope you enjoy a fun evening of being on two wheels with many friends.