Friday, May 25, 2012

Pumped to race again

Hey racers!!

Being inside today during this rain has got me really wanting to get out and race.  I can't wait for the mountain climb.  The Bessemer Bend Mountain Climb is going to be an awesome battle from start to finish.  I just want to clear some things up in case you didn't race it last year.

~The Beginners will not be riding to the top of the mountain.
~The Beginners will be timed on an honor system where you write down your own time on a clipboard when you reach the top of the hill.  Race start for Beginners is 6:00pm.
~The Beginners will race/ride the same 4 miles of gravel/two track as the rest of the categories, but will turn off and climb a shorter hill that is only about .3 miles long.
~The Expert and Sport categories will race the exact same course as last year which includes 4 miles of very gradual climbing on gravel/two-track until you reach the base of the mountain.  Then it is exactly a 2 mile climb from the base to the peak of Bessemer Mountain.
~The Expert and Sport categories will all leave at the exact same time (6:15pm)

~No racing down the mountain.  Enjoy your ride down and take your time to soak in the beautiful views.

~Single speeders..... Good luck :)  I think Belser rode a 33x19 last year and said that he was suffering, but   you SS are used to suffering anyway.  I predict that a guy with gears will win this course because the opening 4 miles will be too fast for any SS to keep up and then the geared riders will be too far ahead for any SS to catch up on the 2 mile climb up the mountain.... But hey, maybe I'll get proven wrong.

More info coming soon

Get out and ride!  If you didn't do your 40 minutes of intervals yesterday, then get out in the rain tonight and destroy those legs.  Pain is good.  That means your getting faster :)

Have a great weekend and good luck at the Trail Festival Race in the Black Hills this weekend for all you racers headed North.

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