Monday, May 21, 2012

Jersey Order Due in Two Days

Hi racers.  Great race tonight!  It sure was fun in the extremely competitive Expert category.  If you have any photo's that you'd like to share, email a link or the photos to and I will share a few of them.

On Thursday morning of this week, I will be waking up and putting in another jersey order.  A lot of people "say" they want a jersey, but I'm just not getting the emails.  I have the ten jerseys that are needed to make an order now and I will get that done, but want to offer you one more chance to get one.  We will not be making another order this year.  here is the website to check out sizing.  Email Adam at with the style of jersey(short sleeve/long sleeve/ winter/ etc), the cut of the jersey (race, sport, club), Size of the jersey, and the style of zipper (full length or 3/4 length).   After having both styles of zippers, I highly recommend the 3/4 zip.

Don't wait.


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